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What Will It Cost To Retain A Lawyer?

    We accept the following forms of payment:


      Cashiers Checks

      Personal Checks

      Credit Cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express

    Everyone's case is different and it is hard to say what it would cost to represent someone without knowing all of the facts.

    In most cases, we do offer a FREE CONSULTATION.

    In general, for most criminal cases, we just charge a flat fee. For personal injury cases we charge $0 for legal fees up front although the client is ultimately responsible for costs. If we collect a recovery, we take a percentage of the sum recovered. Other civil cases are handled either on an hourly or flat fee basis.

    In some instances, if the prospective client is employed, we may even be able to work out an affordable payment plan.

    In any case, it is FREE TO CALL OR EMAIL US!

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