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State of Oklahoma takes steps to Prevent the Collection of "Zombie Debt"

Senator Gary Stanislawski introduced a bill to the Oklahoma state legislature, which would make it illegal for debt collection companies to try and collect on debt that has exceeded its statute of limitations, otherwise known as, "zombie debt." The purpose of the bill is to make it illegal for collection companies to collect this type of debt. The bill would also require collection companies to present proof that they own the debt and can legally collect on it. Another term of the bill would create a requirement that debtor's information be passed to the entity that purchased it.

The debt collection companies who purchase "zombie debt" from credit companies tend to pay very little for this type of debt. For this reason, even if the collection companies are only able to receive a small payment amount from the debtor, they are still making a substantial profit from this practice. If passed, the bill will help those individuals being harassed for debt that they legally no longer owe.

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