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Federal Courts

    Criminal procedure consists of the law governing the series of proceedings through which the substantive criminal law is enforced.

    In the United States, most criminal law is set by the states, although the federal government has adopted its own criminal code, at Title 18, to deal with activities that extend beyond state boundaries or have special impact on federal government operations.

    Procedure in criminal trials in federal courts is outlined in Title 18. Statutes also set the framework for criminal procedure in the states, subject to important constitutional limits.

    The American criminal system is an adversarial and accusatorial model. Criminal procedure must take into balance the defendant's right and the state's interest in a speedy and efficient trial with the desire for justice, the defendant's Due Process ri ghts (guaranteed in the Fifth and Fourteenth)


    International CJ Sites
    High Tech
    Juvenile Justice
    Crime Prevention
    White Collar Crime
    Government Sites
    Teaching in CJ

    Criminal Court Rules

    Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure at Cornell Law School

    Criminal Justice Research

    National Institute of Justice
    NIJ is the research and development branch of the Department of Justice.

    Vera Institute of Justice
    The Vera Institute of Justice is a private non-profit organization dedicated to making government politics and practices more humane, fair and efficient. Vera works with government and local communities to expand the practice of justice.

    National Criminal Justice Review Service
    The NCJRS is one of the most extensive sources of criminal justice information in the world. At this site there is information on juvenile justice, victims, courts, drugs, etc. as well as extensive statistics and databases.

    Mitretek Systems
    Mitretek Systems has a CJ and Public Safety Division which works with federal, state and local criminal justice agencies in the arena of information technology. Site includes many CJ-related links.

    US Department of Justice
    This is the Home Page for the U.S. Department of Justice. It is the largest law firm in the U.S. and serves as counsel for its citizens.

    RAND (Criminal Justice topics)
    A non-profit institution that helps improve public policy through research and analysis. There is extensive information on its criminal justice program, drug policy, courts, civil justice and more!

    Midwest Criminal Justice Association
    Maintained by Northern Michigan University's criminal justice department, this site inlcudes journal articles, academic job listings, email membership directory, and information on Association activities.

    National Archive of Criminal Justice Data
    The NACJD currently holds over 500 data collections relating to criminal justice. This web site provides browsing and downloading access to most of this data and documentation.

    Government Information Exchange
    The G.I.E. was established to share informational resources among federal, state and local governments.

    Federal Information Exchange Inc.
    The F.I.E. Inc. is a diversified informational company serving as an electronic supplier of information.

    This site contains over 10,000 data files of various sorts that have been produced by the U.S. government agencies.

    National Archives and Records Administration
    NARA manages records of the Federal government; and ensures ready access to evidence that documents the rights of American citizens.

    Bureau of Justice Statistics
    Bureau of Justice Statistic's web site.

    Organized Crime: Crime Statistics
    Regina Schekall put up this site. Its mission is to provide a one-stop crime statistics tutorial, search engine and link guide.

    NACJD Archive
    The link to NACJD's criminal database.

    Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
    The Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics brings together data about all aspects of criminal justice in the United States.

    Statistical Resources on the Web - Sociology
    The University of Michigan provides many useful documents and statistics related to sociology.

    Social Statistics Briefing Room
    The White House's briefing room on statistical information.

    Critical Criminology Division of the ASC
    The Division on Critical Criminology is a division of the American Society of Criminology.

    Infomine: Scholarly Internet Resource Collections
    INFOMINE is intended for the introduction and use of Internet/Web resources of relevance to faculty, students, and research staff at the university level.

    International Criminal Justice Sites

    United Nations Crime and Justice Info Network
    UNCJIN serves as a forum for the international exchange and dissemination of information on crime prevention and criminal justice issues. If you prefer, you may also access this information via gopher.

    United Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention
    This site serves as a global crime prevention and criminal justice information network. It sponsors the UNCJIN site.

    Office of International Criminal Justice
    OICJ's mission is to improve the administration of criminal and juvenile justice by providing opportunities for communication and collaboration by both academics and practitioners.

    International Constitutional Law
    For information on the constitutions of a variety of countries, from Albania to Zambia.

    International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy
    The Vancouver-based International Centre's mission is to improve the quality of justice through reform of criminal law, policy and practice.

    Fair Justice Society Canada
    This site's mission statement: advocating community, provincial and federal reform to the legal justice system in Canada regarding family violence, including homicide and to provide support to victims of such crimes.

    World Directory of Criminological Institutes
    Database of information on criminology categorized by country.

    World Factbook of Criminal Justice Systems
    This factbook, developed under a BJS grant, provides narrative descriptions of the criminal justice systems of countries around the world.

    High Tech

    National Institute of Justice Office of Science and Technology
    JUSTNET serves as a gateway for law enforcement, corrections and criminal justice technical information.

    Computer Crime and International Review of Criminal Policy
    This United Nations sponsored site deals with the issues of computers in crime and the role of technology in crime.

    Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
    Goal is to crack-down on domestic and international anti-money laundering efforts through information collection, analysis and sharing.

    Antitrust Division
    Prosecutes violations of the antitrust laws, prohibiting a variety of practices that restrain trade.

    Inspection Service Consumer Fraud
    The United Postal Inspection Service web site.

    National Fraud Information Center
    Information on fraud, including Internet fraud, telemarketing tips, and elder fraud. Browsers can report fraud as well on this site.

    Securities Fraud/Investor Protection on Web
    Information on stockbroker fraud.

    Electronic Crime
    Police list of resources on electronic fraud.


    U.S. Federal Judiciary
    The U.S. Federal Courts Home Page is maintained by the Administrative Office of U.S. Courts. This site is a clearinghouse for information from and about the Judicial Branch of the U.S. Government.

    The Federal Justice Center
    The FJC is the Federal Courts' agency for research and continuing education. It contains links to more court information, statistics and databases.

    Supreme Court Decisions
    Cornell Law School prepared this material on Supreme Court decisions.

    National Center for State Courts
    NCSC is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement of justice. It provides leadership and service to the State Courts.

    The Interactive Courtroom
    This site features CD-ROM and Internet programs for legal training.

    National Center for State Courts
    The NCSC is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to the improvment of justice.

    The Computer-Integrated Courtroom
    This US Distict Court site is specific to the District of Arizona.

    The Federal Court Locator
    The Villanova Center for Information Law and Policy provides information related to the federal judiciary.

    Federal Courts
    This site welcome to the U.S. Courts' Home Page.

    Understanding the Federal Courts
    This site provides an overview of the organization, operation, and administration of the entire federal court system.

    State Court Rules
    The Law News Network provides information on many state specific laws.

    National Center for State Courts
    NCSC is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to the improvement of justice.

    Los Angeles Municipal Court
    The Los Angeles Municipal Court mission statement promises to serve the public in a fair, accessible, accountable, efficient, and independent manner.

    Association of Trial Lawyers of America
    Association of Trial Lawyers of America's web site has many useful resources.

    Attorney General of the United States
    Web site including Janet Reno's biography.

    Association of Federal Defense Attorneys
    The AFDA is an Internet-based association for criminal defense attorneys who practice in the federal courts nationwide

    Jury Association
    This web site's aim is to spread the word on juror rights and powers.

    U.S. Sentencing Commission
    The USSC's web site can be found at this location.

    Courts on the Internet
    Legal Online is where to find court opinions.

    Juvenile Justice

    Koch Crime Commission
    The Koch Crime Commission was creates to study the Kansas criminal justice system, particularly juvenile crime, and identify the best ways to reduce and prevent crime.

    Researching Juvenile Crime
    Extensive links to many different sources relating to juvenile crime and justice.

    National Institute on the Education of At-Risk Students
    OERI's site provides prevention information on juvenile delinquency.

    Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
    There is an extensive listing of juvenile justice sites found on the NCJRS Home Page.

    Violence and the Public Schools
    Curry School of Education sponsors this site discussing the problem of violence in public schools.

    National Youth Gang Center
    This site provides critical information about youth gangs and effective responses to them.

    Researching Juvenile Crime
    This site contains extensive links related to juvenile crime.

    Juvenile Crime
    This site is specific to the State of California's efforts to identify and deal with juvenile crime.

    Juvenile Justice Law Materials
    Cornell University maintains a portion of its site with information related to juvenile justice.

    Juvenile Crime Research
    Basis of aiding research on the 1996-1997 High School Debate. Links to juvenile justice issues.

    Gangs in Schools
    Clearing house on urban education digest.

    Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency
    Statement on the prevention of juvenile delinquency.

    Reforming Juvenile Offenders
    Project through Los Angeles Central Juvenile Hall to rehabilitate juveniles convicted of murder.

    National Council of Juvenile and Family Court
    Provides help with issues concerning raising children and related problems.

    Family/Juvenile Courts
    Family law and family court initiative information.


    CCI: A Case Study of a Southern Prison
    Producer and Director, Benjamin von Cramon spent two months filming inside the Central Correctional Institute in Columbia, SC to bring you gripping footage of life on the inside.

    Office of Corrections
    This site is found on the NCJRS Home Page and has many relevant links to corrections issues.

    Federal Bureau of Prisons
    1930 Act of Congress created the BOP in order to develop an integrated system of prisons.

    International Association of Correctional Officers
    A professional organization devoted exclusively to correctional officers.

    Prison Law Page
    Correctional and prison issues focusing on California's prison system.

    Prison Related Resources
    A watch-dog group devoted to prison related resources. Also includes issues on women and prisons.

    The Penal Lexicon
    This site provides information on all matters connected with prisons and penal affairs. Primarily the focus is on prisons in the United Kingdom, but the site plans to expand its coverage to North America and Europe.

    Visit to a Federal Prison
    Article depicting a visit to a women's prison, highlights treatment of the prisoners and the condition of the prison.

    Private Prisons
    Segments from the Covert Action Quarterly.

    American Jail Association
    The AJA is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting those who work in and operate our Nation's jails.

    County Corrections Directory
    Links to county sheriffs departments.

    Correctional Population (BJS)
    Bureau of Justice Statistics from the National Probation Data Survey, National Prisoner Statistics, Survey of Jails and the National Parole Data Survey.

    Intermediate Criminal Sanctions Task Force
    Web page for the Intermediate Criminal Sanctions Task Force from the Iowa General Assembly.

    Davrie Communications
    Davrie provides educational, informational and practical assistance to men and women whose lives are impacted by Federal imprisonment.


    Law Enforcement Resources
    Ira Wilsker's extensive collection of law enforcement agencies includes both US and international sites.

    Police Officer's Internet Directory
    A complete list of resources relating to law enforcement.

    Cop Net and Police Resource List
    This is an international collection of works by and for Law Enforcement Officers. Also has links to police related sites around the world.

    Federal Law Enforcement Training
    Contains relevant information on the Federal Law Enforcement training procedures.

    The web site for the Coalition of Hispanic American Police Associations.

    California Correctional Peace Officers Association
    Site for California Correctional Peace Officers Association. Excellent listing of resources as well as the online edition of "Peace Keeper" and Supervisor's Newsletter.

    Police Executive Research Forum
    PERF is dedicated to improving policing and advancing professionalism through research and involvement in public policy debate.

    Community Policing Consortium
    Web site for the consortium made up of (IACP), (NOBLE), (NSA), (PERF) and the Police Foundation which provides technical assistance and training (policing) to local police depts.

    U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Home Page Program wants to place more officers on the streets and provide additional strategies for community policing.

    911 Fire Police Medical
    Web site offers hundreds of links to emergency services.

    International Association of Chiefs of Police
    IACP represents a commonwealth of police administrators from the world law enforcement community.

    Law Enforcement Statistics
    Web site for the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Site provides results from the Law Enforcement Management and Administrative statistics from individual state and local agencies.

    State Police/Highway Patrol
    Listing of patrol sites.

    Law Enforcement Bulletin
    Monthly issues of the bulletin are placed for viewing on this site.

    Employment in Law Enforcement
    Links to sites for job opportunities in law enforcement.

    California Correctional Peace Officers Association
    The CCPOA's web site is located here.


    Federal Bureau of Investigations
    The FBI's Home Page contains a broad selection of information on investigations, programs, law enforcement services, accomplishments and historical information.

    Forensics on the World Wide Web
    Links for crime scene investigations and forensic pages.

    International Association of Crime Analysts
    IACA works to provide effective communication in crime analysis and professional standards for all crime analysts.

    American Society of Crime Lab Directors
    Organization devoted to improving crime laboratory standards and operations.

    Crime Mapping and Analysis
    This site is dedicated to the collection and dissemination of information pertaining to crime mapping and analysis.

    Crime Scene Investigation
    A walk through of a crime scene investigation (treatment, etc.).

    Forensic Science Resources in a Criminal Fact
    Basic forensic science reference library.

    Crime Prevention

    National Criminal Justice Association
    The NCJA is a Washington-based special interest group that represents states on crime control and public safety matters.

    International Centre for the Prevention of Crime
    ICPC provides answers to the problems of crime by identifying, collating and diffusing information on successful or promising practices or programs gleaned from around the world.


    National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse
    NCPCA proudly boasts a nationwide network of 52 chapters and their local affiliates providing leadership for the work of child abuse prevention at the grass roots level.

    Welcome to the National Victim Center
    NVC is one of the largest non-profit organizations advocating for all victims of crime.

    Fair Justice Society of Canada
    Their mission involves advocating community, provincial, and federal reform to the legal justice system in Canada regarding family violence, including homicide and to provide support to victims of such crimes.

    White Collar Crime

    Art Fraud
    This site contains facts for consumers from the Federal Trade Commission Art Fraud.

    Financial Scandals
    This site contains links to sources of information on various financial scandals and is maintained by Roy Davies.

    The Fraud Information Center
    This site is dedicated to the collection and dissemination of fraud-related information.

    Alert Global Media
    This site covers the topic of white collar crime, such as money laundering.

    The Denney Collection
    Lessons from the Denney Collection: a cautionary tale woven from art, law and letters.


    United Nations Drug Control Policy
    This site contains international information on drug policies.

    National Institute on Drug Abuse
    The Institute's mission is to lead the U.S. in bringing the power of science to bear on drug abuse and addiction.

    Drug Enforcement Agency
    The D.E.A.'s official home page with information related to drugs and the fight against the spread of drugs in the United States.

    The Office of National Drug Control Policy
    The ONDCP is organized within the Executive Office and is authorized to develop and coordinate the policies, goals, and objectives of the Nation's drug control program.

    Government Sites

    Additional links to Govermnment Services
    There is an extensive list of government servers including U.S. and international sites.

    Congressional E-Mail Addresses and Web Sites
    Listing of Congressional e-mail addresses and web sites.

    Write to Congress
    This service allows you to send e-mail messages to Congress or to print your own letter to send via U.S. Mai.

    Welcome to the White House
    The White House's Official Home Page.

    The Library of Congress
    The Home Page for the Library of Congress.

    Bureau of Alcohol, Tabacco, and Firearms
    This is the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms' Web Site

    Central Intelligence Agency
    Mission is to uphold national security through functions and activities concerning foreign intelligence.

    Drug Enforcement Administration
    DEA enforces controlled substance laws and prosecutes violators of controlled substances.

    Teaching in CJ

    "Criminal Justice Faculty Development: Teaching Professors to Teach"
    Laura Myers outlines a comprehensive pedagogical model for teaching criminal justice curricula.

    PowerPoint Presentations
    1999 PowerPoint for Introduction to Criminal Justice to accompany Cole/Smith: Criminal Justice in America, 2/e and Senna/Siegel: Introduction to Criminal Justice, 8/e.
    Requires the PowerPoint application (a component of Microsoft Office) or the PowerPoint viewer, (Windows only) free from the Microsoft web site.


    The online newsletter of the National Criminal Justice Reference Service

    American Police Beat
    The newsletter represents the voice of the U.S. Police Officers.

    The Law News Network
    This is a newletter on legal issues, updated daily.

    Justice Information Distribution List
    This site provides criminal justice professionals a place to investigate criminal justice matters. It is updated bi-weekly.

    California Correctional Peace Officers Association
    Site for California Correctional Peace Officers Association. Online edition of "Peace Keeper" and Supervisor's Newsletter.

    International Journal of Drug Testing
    This journal is a multidisciplinary refereed Journal devoted to the publication of issues pertinent to psychoactive drugs.


    Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture
    This is a discussion group devoted to crime in movies. It is sponsored by the Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture.

    Criminal Justice Discussion List
    This discussion group is devoted exclusively to criminal justice issues. To subscribe, send the following message to "subscribe: cjust-l Your Name"

    Forensics Discussion Group
    This discussion group focuses on forensics investigative work. To subscribe, send the following message to FORENS-REQUEST@ACC.FAU.EDU: "subscribe FORENS-L your name"

    Australian Criminal Justice and Criminology Mailing List
    This is a collection of archived discussion group devoted to criminal justice issues. To subscribe, send the following message to "subscribe: crim-l Yourfirstname Yourlastname"

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