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Civil Litigation

    Attorney David Arganian has extensive experience in all aspects of Civil Litigation. Whether yours is a a Personal Injury Claim, Bankruptcy or a Contractual dispute, David Arganian can aggressively represent your interests.

    Are you being sued...

    If you are, you don't have much time. You only have twenty (20) days (usually) from the date you were served with the lawsuit to file an answer. If you do nothing, you may lose by "default".

    Do you need to sue someone?

    Sometimes you just need to sue. But the legal system is so complex you feel discouraged. That is when you need to sit down with an honest, and fair professional toassess whether it pays to sue or not. How will you collect? Can you freeze their assets? Can I find out what they own?

    You'll need to invest in a short conference with a competent attorney, and save a lot of money in the long run. Call David Arganian today to set up your consultation.

    Personal Injury Claim?...Watch for the Statute of Limitations.

    Claims for injuries such as pain and suffering and other damages carry a Statute of Limitations. If you sit on your rights and do not sue, your right to sue expires after a period of time. That's the "Statute of Limitations". If you think you have a claim, don't think about it, call David Arganian today. You need an aggressive lawyer to fight for your rights against big insurance companies that want to limit their exposure. Don't talk to anyone, until you speak to your lawyer at (206) 625-1909.

    Before you sign the dotted line...

    Have a competent civil lawyer review your agreement. David G. Arganian, Esq. can spot what's missing and tell you what should be cut out. Invest in having your attorney review your documents and you may wind up saving a lot of money in the long run.

    Who will pay legal costs when a dispute arises? Where will these disputes be litigated near you or near them? Are you going to get paid fairly and promptly? Always put it in writing, but see David Arganian before reducing your agreements to writing.


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