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Dog Bite Accidents: Who to Blame, Dogs or People?

Whenever dog bite accidents happen, the first one always blamed is the dog. Is it really just to point fingers at dogs or people should take the blame?
In the United States, it is estimated that at least one person visits the hospital every 40 seconds due to dog bite injuries. In relation to this, Federal and state laws have been very strict when it comes to addressing the situation in order to reduce incidences of dog bite accidents in the country.
Why dogs bite?
Animal experts claim that dogs are just like humans, they have temperamental tendencies that once triggered they will react. In the case of canines, they react by attacking or biting people.

1. The dog is fearful – when a canine is feels threaten or fearful, there is a tendency that it will attack because it is dogs' way of protecting themselves.
2. Dogs have territorial instincts – it is common for animals to have territorial instincts and it is the same with dogs. Once a dog feels its territory is being compromised, the tendency is that it will attack or bite.
3. The dog is sick – just like humans, dogs when they are sick they tend to be easily irritated. When canines are sick they get easily annoyed by people especially children.
4. The canine is protecting its puppies – dogs have the tendency to be overly protective of their newborn. In case that a dog feels that its puppies are threatened, there is a possibility that it will attack.

What triggers dogs to bite?
People's treatment of dogs is one of the main reasons why dogs do bite or attack. There are certain actions that people do which may trigger a dog to become aggressive.
1. Disrespecting dog's territory – dogs are by nature territorial, once a person enters a canine's territory, the dog may consider him or her a threat hence it may attack.
2. Impeding the dog when eating – canines can be very aggressive when a person attempts to stop it when eating. It is imperative for any dog owner to secure his or her dog when eating so that it will not feel interrupted.
3. Hitting or hurting the dog – when a person hurts a dog, tendency is it will attack back. Dogs can be very aggressive when they feel threaten which is why it is imperative for people not to hit or hurt them.

It is fair to say that dog bites not only because they want to. Dog bite mishaps occur because of the failure of the owners to secure their pet and because of people's disruptive actions.

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